Water shutoffs resume for commercial properties in Flint

Published: Sep. 23, 2021 at 6:55 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) -”For this particular category we are talking about the sum of $70,000+,” said Flint Mayor, Sheldon Neeley.

Pay up or get shut off -- that is what the city of Flint is telling business owners behind in the payment of their water bills. After suspending shutoffs due to coronavirus pandemic, Flint has resumed shutoffs for extremely delinquent accounts.

“Now we are in a position that the city cannot sustain the payments to our provider without people participating in the payments and so we are going after the more egregious in the commercial sector,” Neeley said.

Mayor Sheldon Neeley said that the city recently sent out letters to more than 130 commercial property owners with an extremely past due balance.

“So we’re looking around that particular category, but the good we’ve been contacted after our initial more aggressive contact that we made by the city in the form of water shutoffs. Some of these habitual nonpayers have redeemed their account and started to make some payments now,” he said.

Our ABC 12 investigation took a closer look at just who owes Flint money for unpaid water bills and how much.

According to the Flint Property Portal, the city owned property at 5306 North Street owes more than $65,000 in outstanding water bills, which is the highest amount owed on the list provided.

The location is an old school near Bonner Park on the north side. No payments have been made on that massive outstanding bill since July 2019.

Neeley said that the property is a forfeiture and the previous owner 2nd Chance Ministry is responsible for the unpaid water bill.

“And so it may be a legal process, much like we are doing with Sunset and Richfield apartments, but we will definitely get what is owed to this municipality by the entity that ran up that debt,” Neeley said.

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