Saginaw hosts Guns and Ammunition Amnesty Day

Published: Oct. 10, 2021 at 3:12 PM EDT
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SAGINAW, Mich. (WJRT) -”They just handed a bag of ammo or lead us to the car and gave us whatever it was that they had brought to us, and we thanked them and they were on their way,” said Saginaw City Councilwoman, Annie Boensch.

Turned in-- no questions asked.

At least 28 weapons, now in the hands of Saginaw Police.

“The city of Saginaw is struggling like so many cities with violent crime and an uptick in shootings and I think that this gives people an opportunity to get weapons off the streets and make the city safer,” Boensch said.

City leaders have been looking for solutions to curb the gun violence in Saginaw and Boensch says Saturday’s Guns and Ammunition Amnesty Day is a way to begin that process.

“We were able to put this together in month and advertise it for two weeks, so I was surprised and very, very pleased that it turned out so well and that so many people chose to participate,” she said.

“I’ve got shotgun shells here. I’ve got 38s. I’ve got 22s. I’ve got 44s, everything,” said Saginaw Police Lt. Nathaniel Voelker.

Saginaw Police Lt. Nathaniel Voelker was on hand to collect the ammunition and weapons. He says the story behind some of the weapons is frightening.

“When she brought that gun in, it was loaded. And she told me she found it in a vacant lot next to her house, which means anybody could have found that. Any kid, any age and being loaded it could have been a really bad situation. So this was a perfect opportunity for her to get rid of it and get it some place where we can properly dispose of it,” Voelker said.

“I know that they will be taken in and they will be checked to make sure that they are not legally registered to anybody might not know where they are and want them, just on that off chance and I know that they will check to make sure that they weren’t used in any crime,” Boensch said.

With the success of Saturday’s event, Boensch says they hope to hold more like this one in the future--and one less gun on the streets means one less family impacted by gun violence.

“Hopefully it sends a message to our community that while these things are going on we do care and we are trying to find a solution to the problems we’re facing,” Boensch said.

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