Crim mindfulness initiative hopes to reach more people of color

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 5:05 PM EDT
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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - The Crim Fitness Foundation is taking another step toward creating a healthier Flint. This time, focusing on mindfulness for under-represented individuals.

Healthy, Mindful Flint is aiming to provide better resources to the Black, Indigenous, and people of color through new mindfulness practices.

Canisha Bell, with Healthy Mindful Flint said that health is more than just physical.

“Mental is directly linked to physical and vice versa, when we can calm the mental we calm the body and make clearer better decisions,” said Bell.

When Bell first started Yoga she said she felt under represented. A new Wednesday virtual mindfulness class is hoping to change that narrative and encourage everyone to truly FEEL their emotions.

“We’re operating in the system of disparity, systemic racism, so its so important for us to be able to feel our emotions. For so long we bury them deep, you can bury them, but you better believe you body is reacting to that and its not good. That’s why you see higher percentages of these chronic diseases in people of color,” said Bell.

Bell said that everyone carries and diffuses stress differently, but for many people of color, there is a comfortability that comes with sharing the mindfulness practice with others with similar experiences.

“There’s something that happens, a different energy, where you get with people who are a part of your group. That could be anything. It lessens the stress. If I know I’m talking to another person of color, I already know you’re kind of experiencing some of the same things as me-- and now we can work together to come up with solutions,” said Bell.

Bell said that through the classes, people will be taught how to properly meditate and how to integrate these practices into everyday life.

Those who are interested can join the BI-POC mindfulness practice on Wednesday’s at noon by registering online for their Zoom Group or they can stream it live on their Facebook Page, Healthy, Mindful Flint.

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