Groundbreaking ceremony held for new Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Center

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 5:32 PM EDT
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KOCHVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) -Three years after Saginaw County residents said yes to a new animal care and control facility, construction of the new building is finally underway.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held Thursday in Kochville Township where the new facility will be built.

“We are beyond excited for the groundbreaking ceremony to begin and the shovel to get in the ground today,” said shelter director, Bonnie Kanicki.

Funding for the new facility was approved by voters in a millage in 2018.

The new animal control center on Bay Road will include kennels for dogs and cats, feeding areas, support spaces, and a community education center.

It will also have a new on-site veterinary clinic would enhance animal safety.

The new shelter, at about 23,000 square feet, will be three times the size of the current one- and will include dog runs, a training room to hold adoptions as well as more parking.

“I know we had the opportunity to look at a lot of locations and I think the county board, the commissioners really ended up getting us a very good spot. You can see how beautiful the land is. It’s the acreage we needed. It’s isolated, we have our own 7 acres of property right behind us to begin to build and do the care and management of the dogs. Kanicki explained. With 70 foot dog runs, we will have 9 dog runs, we are just excited that we have the property is conducive to this being successful when it’s finally up.”

Construction will be take place October through December.

They will pause for a couple of months for supplies and then resume construction in the Spring with the grand opening expected to take place in December of 2022.

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