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ABC12 Days of Giving

On ABC12's 12th Day of Giving - a once in a lifetime day with the LIONS

On ABC12's 11th day of Giving -- a magical ride to meet Santa

On ABC12's 10th Day of Giving -a family finds peace, silent nights at the shelter

On the ABC12's 9th Day of Giving - diving into a dream come true

Armoni's wish comes true: A new mother-daughter necklace

On ABC12's 7th Day of Giving -- A dream takes flight

From living on the streets to protecting them - cop shares story

On ABC12's 4th day of giving - a dancing dream is granted

On ABC12's 3rd Day of Giving, a gift of girl time with the chief

On the 2nd Day of Giving - A sweet dream comes true

ABC12 Days of Giving introduces Mid-Michigan to children facing the unthinkable



ABC12 is teaming up with the Shelter of Flint to help some children living at the shelter realize their dreams.
Every weekday until Dec. 17, 2019, ABC12’s Angie Hendershot will highlight a different child’s story and their dreams.
Then, on Dec. 18 the effort will wrap up with a Christmas Party at the Shelter of Flint, which will include additional gifts and surprises for all the families living at the shelter.


ABC12 also works to pair up each child with a first responder or law enforcement officer so these kids can have the opportunity to build positive relationships with officers in our community.


Homelessness is not just a national issue. In Genesee County, there are more than 200 people living in emergency shelters every night. Countless others are sleeping on a friend’s couch, living on the streets, sleeping in their cars or staying in abandoned buildings.

Housing is the most basic of needs that plays a role in a family’s well-being. Working under the principle that housing is a right, not a reward, the Shelter of Flint's comprehensive approach to combating homelessness is intended to move clients along a continuum of care that connects families to community resources and works on solving the root cause of their homelessness.

The shelter serve more than 1,000 adults and children each day through the following programs:
  • emergency shelter
  • transitional housing
  • permanent supportive housing
  • supportive services
  • housing units

The emergency shelter fills to maximum capacity virtually every night. Some 60% of the people who come into the emergency shelter are children under the age of 10. Roughly 40% of people who seek emergency shelter are homeless for the first time.


Q: Who are the homeless in my community?
A: Families comprise more than half of the homeless in Michigan. Over 3/4 of families are homeless due to a lack of affordable housing and almost 1/3 of them are working poor. Single female head of households account for 69% of homeless families in Michigan, living on an average monthly income of $730 per family.

Q: How many people are homeless in Genesee County?
A: Every night there are about 200 homeless in shelters in Genesee County, and countless others on the streets, in abandoned buildings, in cars and in parks.

Q: Why are these people homeless?
A: Homelessness is caused by a variety of factors, the most prevalent being a lack of affordable housing. Debt, lack of employment, disabilities and domestic abuse are also major causes of homelessness.

Q: How can I help make a difference?
A: Donate


No matter how you choose to give to Shelter of Flint, your gift will make a difference to families in need in our community.
if you would like to donate please click on the link below to head over to the Shelter of Flint’s donation page.

Shelter of Flint, Inc. | It's More Than Just Housing

Donations No matter how you choose to give to Shelter of Flint, your gift will make a difference to families in need in our community. Financial contributions provide direct and immediate support.