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Berston Bicycle Club gears up to get kids moving this summer

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Berston Bicycle Club Project gears up to get kids moving this summer

Kids cycling through downtown Flint.

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - Angela Stamps decided to create the Berston Bicycle Club Project, which combines her desire to help kids in her community with her passion for cycling.

“We figure out as group how we should go about solving our problems. I feel like a lot of these children don’t have an opportunity to just work in a peer to peer environment, they don’t get opportunities just talk about whatever’s going on in their lives when somebody has their same age,” Stamps said.

During the 9-week, 3-day a week free program, kids ages 10-18, learn things like bike safety, time management, cardinal points, how to navigate around the city and how to fix a flat tire.

Earl Hall first hit the road with the club four years ago.

“It was during that time that my mother’s car broke down and I didn’t have any motor transportation so once I found out that the program was giving away a free bike, especially with the being my freshman year of high school I was like you know what, why not join a program for that opportunity,” said member, Earl Hall.

Hall now on Youth Advisory Council for the club-- says it created more than just an opportunity to bike.

“That’s because Angela has a way of coordinating the program in a way that really does enrich you beyond bicycling, I’m actually credit diversity Bicycle Club for being like a primary reason why I actually got into Columbia University, which is what I was just telling you earlier because I met so many different people through that program,” Hall said.

“We learn if work hard and stay consistent, that anything is pretty much possible” Stamps said.

They are accepting 15 kids this season and those who complete the program, will receive a free bike.

You can register for the program now or wait until July 5th for tryouts that will take place at Berston Field House. The sessions run JULY 12, - SEPTEMBER 10, 2021



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