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Merrill Community Schools shuts down Monday over flooded school buildings

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Merrill Community Schools closed Monday amid flooding issues

Merrill High School

SAGINAW COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) - The week got off to a messy start for Merrill Community Schools in Saginaw County.

The district had to shut down for the day after those weekend storms left a mess behind.

Restoration vehicles idled outside of the schools Monday afternoon as crews tackled a mess inside the high school.

“We had a storm roll in that dumped about, I think that dumped about, I think three or four inches of water within an hour,” Superintendent Gwen Glazier said.

A rush of water that streamed into the nearby elementary school building as well.

“Our systems just really couldn’t handle it,” Glazier said.

The mess capped a chaotic start to a school year just over a week old. A return to face-to-face instruction complicated for many by a surge in classroom COVID-19 cases, spurred on by the highly contagious delta variant.

“The numbers are up in Saginaw County, but in our area, we haven’t had any reports. We’re hoping it continues that way,” Glazier related.

Unlike Saginaw down the road, Merrill has no mask mandate, but Glazier said many students have taken the job of masking up upon themselves. She said the district would be ready to adapt if need be.

“We deal with these things as they pop up and we keep moving forward,” Glazier said.

That applies equally to the ongoing work there. While the professionals have been called in to handle the cleanup at the middle and high school, custodial staff would tackle the elementary school.

Glazier expected the work to wrap up by the end of the day Monday and classes to resume Tuesday.

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