Spencer Soicher

Morning News & Sports Reporter
Lansing, Michigan

At News 10, Spencer splits his time as a reporter and fill-in anchor on the morning show and as a sports reporter.

Even though Denver, Colorado is home, Michigan State has always held a special place in his heart. Both of his parents are MSU grads and even the Soicher family dog is named Izzo!

Before coming to Lansing, Spencer worked as a news reporter at WAFB in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Spencer is a 2019 graduate of the best school in the world, The University of Texas at Austin. His degree is in journalism.

Although a zero-time Emmy Award winner, Spencer is a 23-time runner-up for favorite Soicher son. Despite not being the favorite child, Spencer hopes to earn your trust, by telling honest stories that matter and breaking news in both the sports and news world.

If he’s not on his couch watching the Denver Broncos or Texas Longhorns... and you see him, say hello! He spends lots of time exploring in Reo Town, Old Town and Downtown Lansing!

Spencer loves meeting News 10's awesome viewers and enjoys telling the stories of the great people of Mid-Michigan.

  • University of Texas at Austin: Journalism
  • Awards
  • 23-time runner up for favorite Soicher son.
  • Threw a no-hitter in MLB The Show a few times.
  • Beats everyone at Rock, Paper, Scissors-- Two out of three, of course.
  • Won that iPhone game 2048 once. Was pretty good at Doodle Jump too.
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