CHESANING, Mich. (WJRT) -(04/07/21)- The social media post has been shared nearly 750 times -- and it’s got a lot of people talking.

”Sara one of our cooks, she posted it and we liked. We thought it was funny, but it straight to the point,” said Showboat Restaurant co-owner, Jayne Carroll.

What started off as a humorous response to a very serious problem for Jayne Carroll owner of the Showboat Restaurant - quickly took off-- resonating with hundreds of people around Mid Michigan.

“Kind of trying to get the message out to the community, to our customers that we are trying, we’re trying to fight it and people were calling people, but to do so so courteousness I guess. Be patient with our staff, they’re trying the best that they can, with little resources that we have,” Carroll said.

Mary Ann Tessman is a server at the restaurant in Chesaning.

She also serves as the unofficial social media manager for the restaurant’s Facebook page and the one who made the post.

Tessman says reaction to it- which says the restaurant is short staffed because quote “no one wants to work anymore”-- has been mixed.

“A lot of it was positive, there’s a couple of them that were kind of mean and they put it on the businesses, that they don’t pay us enough money, the wage here is awesome, we do well as waitresses, our customers are great. it’s just we have a hard time getting people to work,” Tessman said.

Michigan officials say unemployment numbers in the state declined in February for the second consecutive month to 5 point 2 percent.

Caroll says she hopes the post brings attention to the hiring issues they’ve been having--but also serve as an unconventional job posting to those still looking for work.

“Try and get people’s attention that might not normally see a sign that’s outside or something else that was on Facebook, because we didn’t go through Facebook. And so we thought maybe that this might generate some interest,” Carroll said.

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