FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (07/21/2021) - There are strong opinions on both sides of the C.S. Mott Foundation’s decision to pause all funding to Flint Community Schools. During a jam-packed meeting, some spoke in support of the decision to pause all funding to Flint Community Schools, while many others say it’s a bad move by President and CEO, Ridgway White.

”The board stood their ground, so he’s going to take his money and walk away with it. How does he care so much about the Flint kids when a simple request to have another person in those meetings causes him to pull out the funding? Something is wrong there,” resident Vicki Marx said,

Last month, the school board ordered the district’s superintendent to stop talking with community partners on her own, without including the school board president and a designee. 

Mott Foundation President and CEO, Ridgway White says since then, he’s had zero contact with leadership at Flint Community Schools. 

The current three-month grant for program funding expires on September 28th, meaning the clock is ticking for students who feel these programs are a critical piece of their experience in the district.

”Losing this program would mean losing friends that I’ve gotten much closer to and losing staff that I’ve learned to love and trust and losing that sociability with other people, especially with COVID and everything that’s going on right now. Just losing those people would be really hard,” incoming 7th grader, Chloe Combs said.

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