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Isaac Cleland

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Isaac Cleland is a meteorologist on the Storm Tracker 12 Weather Team.

Isaac Cleland

Isaac Cleland

Isaac Cleland a senior at Central Michigan University set to graduate in May of 2023 with a bachelor of science degree in meteorology. He has a passion for weather forecasting, which began around 8th and 9th grades. He hasn't stopped since.

In addition to education at CMU, Isaac has learned quite a bit about how to forecast our day-to-day weather here in Mid-Michigan. He wants to bring you a useful forecast every day that will prepare you for how the weather will affect you throughout the day.

In addition to forecasting the weather, Isaac also enjoys observing the outdoor conditions. You can often find him checking the rain gauge or sticking a ruler in the snow. He owns a weather station at home to be sure he knows what is happening in real time right from his backyard. Isaac often says you can't accurately forecast what WILL happen without knowing what IS happening right now.

When Isaac is not looking at weather, he enjoys playing sports. His favorite is basketball, but he joins friends in a variety of sports for some fun. Most people say Isaac is not up to date with video games or TV programs, but he'll watch with friends for some fun. He enjoys serving at church to help bring service to life throughout the worship and message experience.

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