Dimes for Diapers: McMonagle Elementary

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MT. MORRIS TWP. (WJRT) - (05/01/19) - Popping popcorn, wearing pajamas, and more. The students at McMonagle Elementary in Westwood Heights have had a lot of fun raising money for Dimes for Diapers!

They worked hard all month and have spent the past few days counting all the change they raised to help make a difference for families in need.

Principal Diane Richards says the students at the Mt. Morris Township school even wrote essays about the importance of taking care of their community.

We are grateful for all they've done to reach out to others and every dime, nickel, penny and dollar they donated to the cause.

A huge thank you tonight for the McMonagle Elementary family - students, staff and parents - for doing their part to change babies in Genesee County.

Proceeds will support the annual ABC12 Diaper Drive on May 31 in Burton at ELGA Credit Union.

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