Lake Orion chiropractor continues to change lives with different approach and laser

Published: May. 29, 2018 at 12:27 PM EDT
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(05/29/2018) -- Last August we introduced you to a chiropractor in Lake Orion with a particular method - and told the stories of a couple of his patients who have seen remarkable results. The practice has just acquired a laser that's changing even more lives.

Dr. Chris Bennett uses an upper cervical specific approach - which involves zero twisting of the neck or cracking of the back - and instead focuses on communication between the brain and the body. This method, combined with a new laser, is giving patients here in Mid-Michigan their lives back.

"I tell my friends about it, and I can see the skepticism, but I say, well you remember what I was like - look at me now," said Patrick Gleason, a patient.

"I've reached out to a lot of my friends that I know have chronic pain and people aren't hearing what I'm saying," said Andrea Fenwick, a patient. "Maybe they think it's just a gimmick or I don't know, I just wish everyone would understand how great it is, how it's changed my life."

Dr. Chris Bennett, a chiropractor and the owner of Orion Family Spinal Center in Lake Orion, uses technology that assesses the body's functionality at every visit, makes adjustments according to that reading, and then allows the body to repair itself rather than trying to repair the body using medication or other methods.

"This area here is your brain and nervous system - your brain sits up here and the nervous system comes out of the base of the skull, and right down the hole on those first two bones," said Dr. Bennett. "So when that area right there mis-aligns and gets pushed out of position, it starts to interfere with the way that your brain is communicating with everything."

And now Dr. Bennett has added a laser to the treatment he can offer. He's one of two doctors in Mid and Northern Michigan with a laser of this type - a class 4 laser that can get into deeper tissues but won't cause thermal damage. It stimulates tissues to repair and heal, having big impacts on patients like Andrea who came in a few months ago after twenty years of back pain.

"I remember crying when they asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 what's my pain level and I was at a 13 - it was bad I'm getting emotional talking about it," said Fenwick.

For Fenwick, turning 50 this year, laying around in bed wasn't an option - and this was the last alternative before serious surgery.

"Within 4 treatments I was able to start moving around again, and now that I've completed all of my treatments, now I can do anything," said Fenwick. "I don't even think about my back hurting throughout the day. Before it was 100-percent of the time on my mind, it was awful, and I don't think about it anymore. Getting in and out of the car - I could list a thousand things that people wouldn't even think about that were a struggle for me, and I don't think about any of that anymore. I go outside, I play with my kids, it's amazing."

Another patient, Patrick Gleason, had poor equilibrium after taking a certain medication, and developed back and shoulder pain from trying to stay balanced. He went in for an adjustment.

"I heard about Dr. Bennett on channel 12 news and I told my wife I have nothing to lose, let's make an appointment and go see him," said Gleason. "Within two treatments I didn't have any more back pain between my shoulders."

He then added in the laser.

"I could walk without banging into the walls!" said Gleason. "I've been able to get up and I go out in the yard and walk around, I go down to the basement and work on things; it's definitely improved my lifestyle from what it was before."

Dr. Bennett said it's nothing magical - it's simply getting the body back to functioning correctly so it can heal itself.

"We get a lot of people to come in that have tried everything and they're sometimes very desperate," said Bennett. "Getting to effect people's lives in a positive way, and see them actually have the life they want to have - I think that's the favorite part of my job."

If you'd like to see Dr. Bennett, he treats all kinds of conditions and symptoms, and you don't usually need a recommendation - just call the office for an appointment at 248-391-6101.