School Spirit continues, as the Food Bank needs your help more than ever

Mid-Michigan, MICH. (WJRT) - The coronavirus pandemic has taken a lot away from us over the past few weeks-- but we're not going to let it take away our school spirit or our community spirit.

We are still going to continue to uplift and inspire this community during a time we need it the most.

We've gone to dozens of schools, had lots of laughs, and along the way created amazing memories.

While things will be different for a bit-- the efforts of give back don't have to change.

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and our community need our support more than ever.

Already serving nearly 200 thousand Michiganders who face food insecurity, we know that number is going to increase as thousands of students are out of school and people are without jobs.

Even just 1 dollar-- 60 cents-- can provide 6 meals to someone who may go hungry otherwise.

While right now the food bank cannot accept physical donations, every dollar will help them continue their fight against hunger.

And while we cant come cheer you on at your school-,you can still donate in your schools name and continue adding to the leader board total.

Because in the end we will still crown a school spirit champ, but if we can all come together during this time of need-- I think we will all walk away champions.

As you can see there are many ways to help right now-- and honestly, it is going to take all of us to work together to overcome this challenging time.

You can visit to make a donation right now, and if you need help, there are resources for you on that website too.

If you cant donate-- there are still ways you can help. In the very least you can give a little positive spirit.