2 men arrested, 3 guns recovered in Saginaw

SAGINAW (WJRT) - (8/22/18) - Two men are in the Saginaw County Jail and three guns are off the streets of Saginaw after someone opens fire outside a Burger King.

Saginaw Police believe the shots were fired from the restaurant's parking lot, 1420 N. Michigan Avenue. It's across the road from Covenant HealthCare and Bliss Park.

The shooting took place shortly after 1:30pm Wednesday and police said no one was hurt.

D/Sgt. Matt Gerow also said no one has come forward to say they were being shot at, but several people called 911 to report the incident.

Witnesses were able to give 911 dispatchers a description of the car. A few minutes later a Saginaw Township police officer, who had just left the hospital, spotted the possible getaway car and initiated a traffic stop on N. Woodbridge Street near Cooper Avenue.

Saginaw Police then used a thermal imaging device to quickly find where the guns, believed to be used in the shooting, were located.

"We were able to actually see the guns in the vehicle, especially the one that was, there was a total of three, the one had just been fired so it was hot, the barrel was hot, the handle was hot from the person holding the gun, so that is excellent technology," Gerow said.

The SPD used money from a local Rotary Club to purchase two Leupold LTO-Trackers. They were put into service on the same day as the shooting.

The new thermal imaging devices replace an older device which was in service for more than a decade.

The two men have not been formally charged yet.

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