10-year-old fighting leukemia becomes an officer with Grand Blanc Police

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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) (11/9/2017) - Sergeant Jolman with Grand Blanc Police met Jonny about a year ago. He says when the Grand Blanc Police Association was deciding who to help this year, the 10-year-old immediately came to mind.

"Me and Officer Bice went and picked up Jonny at his house and on the way back we got dispatched to a call of a burglar at the Perry Center," Sgt. Jolman explained.

With Officer Jonny's help, they were able to arrest the burglar and lodge him in the jail.

"As soon as I cuffed him and everything," Jonny said. "I knew that it wasn't real because nobody cooperates that well."

But he says it was still a very fun day!

"It was something they really didn't have to do. It was a lot," Jonny said.

Jonny has been battling a form of leukemia since 2013. He was in the clear for about 3 months, but then relapsed this past April.

The 10-year-old has to go through 8 more weeks in and out of the doctor's office for chemo; and then, he'll have more treatment at home for a little over a year.

"They gave us a day, or a few hours, to not have to think about what's going on, to just have fun, to enjoy," Mom Samantha Hendricks said.

She explained the past 3 weeks have been tough. Jonny hasn't been able to see anyone because he's been so sick.

"So getting to see him play with the kids and the smile on his face it was just wonderful!" she said.

Besides letting him join their ranks for the day, the Grand Blanc Police also gave Jonny a Nintendo 3DS to entertain him through treatment.

"We do a lot of different things with this job and this is one of those things that you don't get to do all the time and when you get to do it it's really special. It means a lot," Sgt. Jolman said.

It means even more to a kid who not only hopes to one day be cancer free, but also become an officer like them.

"I just want to help out my community and try to do everything I can for anybody in my community," Jonny said.

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