$1.2 million dollar road project to tie up traffic in downtown Linden

LINDEN (WJRT) (1/30/2018) - It may not be the roadway that needs the most work in the city of Linden, but it is the roadway that is having 80 percent of its funding covered.

That means it's the section that's about to see the upgrades.

"This road was actually eligible, because it is considered a federal highway road, which we could potentially get funds for," said Linden City Manager Paul Zelenak.

The grant will cover 80 percent of the $1.2 million project cost.

"We received federal funds through the highway improvement program and its administered through MDOT," he Zelenak said.

The project includes repaving a half-mile stretch of Bridge Street from the bridge over the Shiawassee River south to the city border. While the road is torn up, the city will be replacing underground utility lines, building drainage improvements and adding a bike lane.

"Part of the project, which is all locally funded, is a water main improvement program that we have," Zelenak said. "We didn't want to put in the road and then a few years later have to remove the pavement to improve the water mains."

The project is set to begin in May and wrap up in late fall. All businesses along the roadway will remain open.

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