13-year-old accused of kicking, injuring police officer at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School

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MUNDY TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (4/12/2019) - A mid-Michigan police officer is recovering Friday after he tried to break up a fight between a 6th grader and a staff member. It happened Thursday at Carman Ainsworth Middle School in Mundy Township.

Metro Police Authority of Genesee County's Chief Matt Bade said this is pretty serious.

The officer is wearing a brace on his knee. He was back at work Friday to do the report on the case, while waiting on more test results.

It's not clear if he'll have to take any time off in the coming days.

"The student actually kicked the officer in the knee, causing his knee to buckle out and cause injury to his knee. Another officer arrived on scene and the student was taken into custody at that point," Chief Bade explained.

He said the School Resource Officer stepped in after watching the 6th grade girl strike a staff member.

He believes the student hit her because she was upset the woman was taking her to the office for not being in her classroom.

The 13-year-old was arrested and handed over to her parents at the police station Thursday.

Chief Bade said she could be facing at least three charges, including assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and assault on the staff member.

He said it's unfortunate this happened, but it's not the first time; which is why he's grateful they have such a strong relationship with the District.

"Carman Ainsworth Middle School is a very large school and there's a lot of activity, people in and out. So, I think it's vital we have the police presence there -- not only to provide security and safety to the staff and the students, but to build those bridges, those relationships with the students between law enforcement and help them understand that we are there to support you and be your friend," Chief Bade said.

We were unable to reach the Superintendent for a comment on how the staff member is doing and if the student will remain at the school.

Chief Bade hopes this encourages parents to speak to their kids about doing the right thing.

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