14-year-old boy makes fast recovery after surviving a near-deadly accident

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Shiawassee County (WJRT) A mid-Michigan teenager survives a horrific accident and four months later he's finally back in school.

"Well it's over, so you can't be anything but happy,” Cole said.

14-year-old Cole Yaros started his first day back in school Monday after being out for four months.

"It was awesome just to see everybody and just be back in that kind of groove with everybody and just to be able to talk to some people,” Cole said.

Cole and his mom Tish were in a severe accident this past September.

Police say someone had removed a stop sign at the intersection of Easton and Reed roads in Shiawassee County.

The Yaro's car was hit when it went thru the intersection.

Detectives found the sign in a ditch a few days later.

"I don't remember anything until I woke up in the hospital and the took the breathing tube out. Even after that until I got home, I don't remember much of the hospital,” Cole said.

Cole has a plate inside his head and looking at this replica the plate is massive.

The family says that plate made a big difference in the healing process.

"His attitude was always good. So, he did just great,” Tish said.

During his recovery Cole got a lot of one and one time with his parents.

Of course Cole did what most kids during their free time play Fortnite.

Cole's parents were fine with it because this gave Cole time to interact with his friends.

"And there were some days when I was like ok I'm kind of glad not to be in school. Then as it got towards the end, I was ready to be back because I was getting sick of kind of doing the same thing every day,” Cole said.

Cole is eager to get out there and run.

Because of the injury, Cole lost out on his last year in cross country and is ready to make up for the time lost.

"Well, I'm going to be doing Track, obviously the two-mile because it is my favorite,” Cole said.

Shiawassee County Sheriff says they're still looking for the person who stole the stop sign.

He says they're still waiting for the DNA test from the lab.