15-year-old 'didn't know how to react' during attack by high school security guards

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MT. MORRIS TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (5/10/2019) - The 15-year-old freshman involved in an assault with a pair of security guards caught on surveillance cameras at E.A. Johnson High School doesn't plan to return.

The teen and his mom are so upset, they don't want him in the Mt. Morris Township school ever again.

"I didn't even know how to react how it came down, because it was like so fast," the teen said.

Because the student is just 15-years-old, ABC12 is keeping his identity private.

The 15-year-old admits he wasn't following the rules on the morning of May 2 when he showed up wearing a hoodie. E.A. Johnson High School's dress code forbids students from wearing hooded sweatshirts.

"The security guard -- I had my hood on and I ignored him after he told me to take it off," the student said.

He didn't expect what would happen next. The teen said two security guards beat him up while escorting him to the front office.

"Grabbed me by my hood, like threw me into the lockers and then another security guard had came up and grabbed me, kind of grabbed me in a hold and then they was carrying me to the office," the student said.

The student claims he also was put in a choke hold, kneed in the back and strangled

"Picked up by my throat, like my feet was dangling, choking me," he said.

Mt. Morris City Police Chief Keith Becker confirmed that he watched the alleged attack unfold on the school's security tapes. He's not releasing the footage publicly, but he showed it all to the student's mom.

"It's really scary, you know," she said. "They could've really hurt my son slamming him around like that. He had like red around his throat and like a finger nail scratch. He had a scratch on his face, a swollen ankle."

Becker said the two school security guards were fired after the incident. The student was punished too with nine days of suspension from attending class.

"I get in trouble at school sometimes and like have a past and that's probably why they didn't believe my side of the story," the student said.

But his mom believes that's no excuse for how he was treated.

"It doesn't matter. He didn't try to fight nobody. It was over a hoodie," she said. "Why are you choking my son? That's the main thing. Why are you choking him?"

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton is expecting to see a warrant early next week. Becker said he's pushing for assault charges.

Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools Superintendent Renae Galsterer said the district is cooperating with police.