Fenton teen charged with murder, accused of killing his friend

Published: Mar. 5, 2017 at 3:20 PM EST
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UPDATE: (03/10/17) - A Fenton Township teenager is facing open murder charges, accused of shooting and killing his friend over the weekend.

Sixteen-year-old Abdu Akl is charged with murder and other gun-related felonies. He's accused of murdering his friend, 18-year-old Brady Morris, inside of his parent's home on Lake Fenton last Saturday.

Akl is being charged as an adult in this case. It was unclear if he would stay in the juvenile courts, but Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton made the decision to try him as an adult.

"There is no question this is a terrible tragedy. It's resulted in the loss of the life of the one young man and the other young man's is certainly affected. The families of both young men are now going through a terrible time," Leyton said.

Apparently, Akl made the 911 call to report the shooting. He told dispatchers, "My friend is dead. I killed my friend."

Leyton told ABC12 News the gun used to kill Morris was stolen. A friend of Akl's traded it with him in exchange for an iPad.

Akl's defense attorney, Frank Manley, says this was all an accident.

"My client is devastated. This is his best friend. Can you imagine being 15 or 16 years old and being involved in the accidental death of your best friend," Manley said.

Court documents show that Akl was apparently trying maintain a so-called 'gangster' persona. It included games of Russian Roulette from time-to-time.

The friend who traded Akl the murder weapon says Akl repeatedly fired weapons inside of his parent's lakeside mansion. He added that Akl even held guns up to people's heads.

Manley plans on asking for a psychological evaluation for his client.

Even though Akl is being tried as an adult, he's being held at a juvenile detention facility without bond.


(03/06/17) - Update New information tonight on the shocking shooting in Fenton Township. Police say Brady Morris died at the hospital after being shot in the head by a 16-year old friend inside a home on Lake Fenton.

This afternoon ABC 12 spoke with Frank Manley-- the attorney for the 16-year old who tells us the two teenagers were close friends and according to Sheriff Robert Pickell-- Brady Morris had actually been staying with the 16-year old--sharing a ground floor bedroom in the home for the past two months.

"It's my understanding that they were the closest of friends, " Manley said, "again which makes it even more heart breaking when you look at that."

Frank Manley is defending the 16-year old teenager taken into custody Saturday night from this home on Moffett Drive in Fenton Township following a shooting that killed 18-year old Brady Morris.

Sheriff Robert Pickell says their investigation revealed that the two played Russian Roulette from time-to-time. They found multiple bullet holes shot into the furniture on prior occasions.

Pickell describes what his investigation determined happened on Saturday night: "A 45-glock which normally holds a 10 round magazine was taken into the bathroom by the 16-year old where he loaded a round into the magazine, returned to the bedroom, put the gun up to the deceased's head and pulled the trigger."

When asked if this was another game of "Russian Roulette" Pickell replied: "no no...I have other information I will be presenting to the prosecutor that I'm not able to share at this time."

The 16-year old's attorney describes his client's state of mind right now: "My client is very very upset as one would be--16 years old and he's facing very serious charges, so he's distraught, he lost his friend and he's distraught," Manlley said.

The Sheriff was asked during this morning's press conference if drugs or alcohol played a role in the shooting --the Sheriff said they found a bong with blood on it which they've sent to the Michigan State Crime lab for testing. The Sheriff was asked during this morning's press conference if drugs or alcohol played a role in the shooting --the Sheriff said they found a bong with blood on it which they've sent to the Michigan State Crime lab for testing. Pickell said they received a 9-1-1 call from a 16-year old male saying "he killed his friend..." at 11pm Saturday night. The case remains under investigation. The 16 year old--who is being held at the Regional Detection Center-- has a hearing scheduled to take place on Friday in the family division of Genesee County Circuit Court.


The Genesee County Sheriff is releasing new information about what led up to deadly weekend shooting.

Eighteen-year-old Brady Morris was shot inside a home in Fenton Township on Saturday night. Police say he later died at the hospital.

Sheriff Robert Pickell tells us the 18-year-old victim has been staying at the shooter's home for about two months.

The sheriff says they were called to the home in Fenton Township on Saturday night after the 16-year-old shooter called 911 saying he "killed his friend" .

A 45-glock was retrieved from the scene.

Pickell says investigators learned the two would play Russian Roulette from time-to-time, holdiing the gun up to each other's heads.

He said multiple bullet holes were fired into pieces of furniture on prior occasions and the 16-year old was familiar with how to handle the weapon.

Monday morning, Pickell described for reporters what happened in the bedroom of the home the two were staying in on Saturday night leading up to the shooting.

We asked Pickell if what happened Saturday night was a game of Russian Roulette and he said "no", but would not elaborate. He said he has other information he will present to the prosecutor that he cannot disclose at this time.

The sheriff says there were nine people in the home at the time of the shooting, including the shooter's parents and four siblings.

There are counselors on hand at Lake Fenton High School today.

This case remains under investigation.