22,000 patients at risk after security breach at Mid-Michigan cancer center

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FLINT (WJRT) - (02/07/17) - A security breach is putting 22,000 people at risk at a popular Mid-Michigan cancer treatment center.

This week, thousands of patients are opening up their mailboxes to find a letter from Singn and Arora Oncology Hematology office in Flint.

It's informing them that their personal information is at a slight risk because of a cyber security breach.

According to the letter, one of the practice's servers was being accessed by an unauthorized user for nearly seven months between February and July of last year.

It wasn't until August 2016 that they were notified of a problem.

The files accessed contain names, insurance information and social security numbers.

The letter from Singn and Arora says the hackers were apparently not after this personal information. There is no indication it was used for identity theft, but they can't say with total certainty that the information wasn't compromised.

They're offering one-year free credit monitoring for patients who have been breached.

If you have any questions about the breach call (800) 320-1780.

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