27-year-old details sexual assault claims against Mateen Cleaves from 4 years ago

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FLINT (WJRT) (8/14/2019) - The now-27-year-old woman accusing Mateen Cleaves of sexually assaulting her in September 2015 took the witness stand Thursday.

She sat closed off, clearly uncomfortable, during the more than four hours of questioning by both the prosecutor and defense.

"I wanted to go home. I didn't want to be there," she said.

That's a statement the jury heard from the woman over and over, as she walked them through the night that she said Mateen Cleaves sexually assaulted her.

She met the former Michigan State University basketball star at a charity golf tournament earlier that day. Afterward, the two got drinks at a bar with a group of the woman's colleagues, including her boyfriend.

Cleaves and the woman left together, supposedly headed back to the golf course. But she said Cleaves drove her to the Knights Inn Motel in Mundy Township.

"You kissed him back," Wayne County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Lisa Lindsay said. "What were your options at that point?"

The woman responded, "I didn't have any."

Lindsay asked, "In terms of fighting, did you believe you had the physical will to fend him off?"

"No," the woman said.

Video surveillance shows the woman getting out of the room twice, but Cleaves bringing her back inside. She said she suffered scrapes, bruises and was sore the next day.

"I was very emotional, crying, just wanted to be out of there," the woman testified.

"Did you have an agreement with Mateen Cleaves to go to a motel?" defense attorney Mike Manley asked.

"No," the woman responded.

"You just told me you didn't remember anything about getting into the car with Mateen Cleaves," he said.

Manley cross examined the woman after joining the defense team Tuesday.

He pointed out how close the woman got to Cleaves at the bar that night before leaving with him, explaining he doesn't believe the details add up.

"Do you remember ever telling him no?" Manley asked.

"No," she said.

He questioned her further, "Inside the room, at any time, did Mr. Cleaves use any physical force that you recall on you?"

"I can't remember," she replied.

The woman's mother is expected to take the witness stand on Thursday, along with the responding police officers. Then, the defense will get a chance to call witnesses.

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