Second anonymous letter calls out Flint Community Schools

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/26/17) - A second anonymous letter alleging financial wrongdoing in Flint Community Schools came in the mail this week.

ABC12, Board of Education members, United Teachers of Flint and others all received a copy.

This is the second such letter sent to the groups and this time the writer is alleging "inappropriate use and compensation of Title Staff," specifically the district instructional specialists.

"According to this, it's stating they themselves were being fraudulent and were filling out paperwork so that they would get more money and there's no. We have no knowledge of that taking place at all," said United Teachers of Flint President Karen Christian.

She said these employees are members of the union and she believes whoever wrote the letter isn't aware of the outcome of some of their bargains.

Christian made clear the majority of the two-page letter is inaccurate. She added each of the district instructional specialists have impeccable character.

This second letter comes about a month after the first, which was a plea to investigate what the writer considered "misuse and appropriation" of state and federal grants.

The Michigan Department of Education launched an investigation shortly after it was received. A state spokesman says the district is cooperating.

Christian remains hopeful both letters are false, but because this one ended with "stay tuned," she's worried more are to come.

"I'm concerned because what accusations are going to be made next that are not true and that we're going to have to go through, jumping through hoops to try to prove them? That they're not true," she explained. "We're spending more resources trying to prove that this stuff isn't accurate than spending resources teaching our children which is more important."

In a statement, Flint Community Schools defending the district's financial practices.

"Flint Community Schools’ Board of Education and Superintendent take seriously the role of stewards of public dollars. We continue to review matters posed in the anonymous letter and will keep the community informed as the investigation progresses," the statement reads.

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