300th person graduates from Genesee County Mental Health Court program

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FLINT (WJRT) (5/8/2019) - Hard work, determination and the strength to move onward and upward helped the 300th graduate of Genesee County Mental Health Court set a new course for his life.

Rashad Lewis is the 300th graduate of Genesee County Mental Health Court.

"I'm really happy I made it," said Rashad Lewis. "I thought I was going to end up relapsing and doing some dumb stuff, but I really made it."

He started his journey in the program about a year ago after getting into some trouble with the law. Since then, he's learned a lot.

"You don't gotta use drugs. You don't gotta pop pills. Just pop your medication, just do what you gotta do," Lewis said.

Judge Jennie Barkey, who is in charge of the program, said people like Lewis who have had run ins with the law because of mental illness get a second chance to work through their issues.

"You get them in a position where they can see life," she said. "They get the body chemistry right and they can handle their lives like they should be able to, as if they didn't have it. It's great."

Lewis' aunt came out to Wednesday's ceremony and couldn't be more proud of how Rashad has turned himself around.

"I'm trusting that he does the right thing and moves forward and continues to do what's planned for him to do," she said.

Lewis is encouraging everyone else in the program to stick with it and make the positive changes they need.

"I just want everybody to graduate, live life, move out of town and keep pushing," he said.