4 Heritage High School football players implicated in Showtime Guns & Ammo theft

Published: Aug. 28, 2019 at 12:20 PM EDT
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(8/28/2019) - The number of arrests connected to the Aug. 2 break-in at Showtime Guns & Ammo stands at seven and police confirm four of the suspects are high school football players.

The football players from Heritage High School in Saginaw Township have been removed from the team after their arrests.

Investigators have arrested five adults and two juveniles.

"The initial human reaction is shock, just devastated," says Saginaw Township Schools superintendent Bruce Martin.

He's reacting to the news that four members of the Heritage High School football team have been implicated in a gun store heist

It was on August 2nd when it was discovered the Showtime Guns and Ammo store in Saginaw Township was hit by thieves with at least forty guns taken.

Police have arrested seven people in all and four are Heritage football players, two are 17 and two are juveniles.

"They are in various stages of this process with law enforcement, they have been removed from the team while this plays out," Martin says.

People familiar with the investigation say most of the players were arrested at yesterday's practice. Martin says the Heritage football team, which plays its first game tomorrow, has about 32 players on the roster.

" Its not reflective of who we are as a district or a high school, this is such a minute percentage of the total student body and I certainly don't try to paint us with a broad brush, things must be going on there." he says.

Martin says there will be extra security at the school's buildings on Tuesday when classes begin.

"The fact that there are still a number of these guns that are still out there somewhere, that's something we are going to be on top of it," he says.

The seven people, including the four football players, have not been arraigned.


Police from several agencies served five search warrants throughout the day on Friday. They recovered six guns likely stolen from Showtime Guns & Ammo in Saginaw Township and made seven arrests.

A total of 40 firearms were stolen from the store during the early morning hours of Aug. 2. Surveillance footage shows four people break into the store around 3 a.m., but nobody noticed the crime until a passerby discovered an open door at the store around 8 a.m.