43-year-old convicted of disarming and tazing two Flint police officers

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FLINT (WJRT) (4/12/2019) - A Flint man faces up to life in prison for disarming and tazing two Flint police officers while they tried to arrest him for disorderly conduct.

Aaron Kelsey, 43, was convicted of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, disarming a police officer of a Taser and two counts of resisting police causing injury.

He will be sentenced as a fourth-time habitual offender, which means he faces up to life in prison or any term of years, according to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.

The two Flint officers responded to McAras Court, which is located near Chevrolet and University avenues, because Kelsey was walking up and down the street shouting profanities and threatening to kill everyone.

Kelsey was inside when the officers arrived, but he soon came out onto his porch and began shouting threats at the officers. He punched one of them when they approached to place Kelsey in protective custody.

Kelsey grabbed the Taser from the other officer and fired it at the officers twice but missed both times. Both officers tackled Kelsey and engaged in a struggle -- all while entangled in the live Taser wires.

Kelsey was able to activate the Taser and shock one of the officers on the back of his neck. The other officer, who had been punched to start the scuffle, broke free of the fight and deployed his Taser on Kelsey.

The officers were then able to subdue Kelsey and take him into custody. All three were taken to Hurley Medical Center for an evaluation before Kelsey was taken to jail.

He will be sentenced on May 13.