Drivers running Flint stop sign causes safety concern

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/28/17) - ABC12's Ann Pierret joined Mary Guy on her front porch at Marquette and Daugherty Place in Flint Thursday. And, the view was the usual for Guy, car after car disregarding the stop sign on the corner.

"It is a stop sign. It's there for a reason!" Guy said.

She explained drivers might not stop because they're too distracted to see it.

"They're constantly texting, on the phone talking, looking in another direction, just don't care," she explained.

So Guy's not taking any chances.

"There's children in the area. I myself have a 7-year-old. I don't even allow her to play out front because of this. There's bound to be an accident," Guy said.

Plus Guy added, it's not just the stop sign they're ignoring, she says several drivers are also taking the speed limit as a suggestion.

"Speed limit is 25 and, like I said, we have a park right down the street, you never know when there's children out there in the street. Granted they shouldn't be in the street, but it's gonna happen," she said.

Guy says her neighborhood has become a shortcut for drivers to get from Flushing Road to Sunset and University. She's called Flint Police three times so far with no luck.

"I seriously hope it doesn't take somebody losing their life before something is done," she said.

ABC12 called Flint Police again Thursday and they've promised a patrol car will be out on her street for 48 hours straight beginning Friday morning.

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