UPDATE: Despite layoff notices, GM support staff will remain employed

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MICHIGAN (WJRT) - (02/07/18) - Some clarification on layoffs announced by the state on Wednesday tied to the loss of a GM contract by Compass Group.

ABC12 has learned about 400 positions, mostly janitorial and housekeeping jobs, are secure with contract negotiations still underway.

Compass Group employs workers at GM plants in 11 Michigan cities including Swartz Creek, Grand Blanc and Burton.

According to the company's marketing director, in the event a contract with General Motors is dissolved, the employee positions would be inherited by the next managing company that steps in.

So, bottom line... despite a layoff warning, we're told those 400 employees won't need to head for the nearest unemployment line anytime soon.


(02/07/18) - A company is preparing for mass layoffs because its account with General Motors is coming to an end.

In a letter to the state's Workforce Development Agency, Compass Group says about 400 jobs will be eliminated in housekeeping, integrations, and janitorial services. Those affected work in Warren, Belleville, Romulus, Ypsilanti, Waterford, Pontiac, Lake Orion, Swartz Creek, Grand Blanc, Burton, and Lansing.

Compass Group says the cuts will be effective April 1.

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