4th grader applies to NASA's new Planetary Protection Officer job opening

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(WJRT) - (08/04/17) - NASA's latest job posting is creating quite the buzz...

They're looking to hire a Planetary Protection Officer.

Part of the job perks include frequent travel, but no word yet on whether it'll be to space.

The pay is quite substantial too starting at roughly $127,000 a year.

It looks like there is stiff competition to land the "out of this world" gig though...

A 4th grader wrote to NASA, applying for the job.

As a self-proclaimed "Guardian of the Galaxy", Jack says he's seen just about every space and alien move there is, making him a good candidate despite only being 9 years old.

NASA thought it was so cool, they wrote back, telling Jack NASA is doing really important work and that they hope he does well in school, so he can be a future scientist or engineer on their team someday.

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