Five-foot deep sinkhole in front of a Flint house has the homeowner worried

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FLINT (WJRT) - (7/9/2018) - What started as a small pothole on Flint's east side has turned into a nightmare for one homeowner.

Peggy Maddox said it opened up two months ago in front of her Nebraska Avenue home and has continued to grow.

"I'm at my wits end. I'm afraid somebody is going to get hurt,” said Maddox, who has lived in her Flint home since 2000.

People traveling down Nebraska Avenue and North Franklin Road may notice her warning sign right away. But what they might not notice is the potential danger they are passing by.

"Because it was just little, you can see where it initially started," Maddox said.

This small hole in the road is hiding the decaying land underneath.
Now five feet deep and continuing to fall apart, Maddox is desperate for someone to help with the situation.

"This is ridiculous, pay taxes, pay water bills and this is what we have to deal with, really?" said Maddox.

She said she reached out to the city two months ago and when they came they just placed a cone over the hole. The cone didn’t last long after she believes some kids in the neighborhood took it.

Maddox's sister covered the hole with wood and a larger cone from construction going on down the road hoping that would be enough. But the hole continues to get larger.

"Over at the bottom of the hole here, going that way it’s about this big around so every time it rains all the dirt under the road gets washed that way," said Maddox.

She has been warning people in the area of the danger, including the mailman, not park to there. She feels she has done all she can, but is still worried someone could get hurt because of it.

"I don't know what to do, somebody needs to do something before a child riding a bike or one of our seniors going for a walk after dusk ends up at the bottom of this and gets severely hurt," Maddox said.

The Flint Street Maintenance Division could not be reached for comment about the situation.

Maddox said she knows she's not alone and people all over Flint are suffering from the same problem as her. A neighbor down the street talked about a large pothole about knee deep that formed last summer was just filled in this past week.

But for Maddox, she doesn't want to wait a year to see how much worse this hole could get.

Anyone with a pothole or any other road problem may call the Flint Street Maintenance Division at (810) 766-7343 or visit the website linked to this page.

But if you have a sinkhole in your neighborhood, you're asked to call the City of Flint Water Service and Sewer Department. Contact them at (810) 766-7079 or (810) 766-7202.

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