5-month neighbor dispute in Huron County leads to stalking charges

The Huron County Sheriff's Office.
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HURON COUNTY (WJRT) (10/11/2019) - A mother and daughter are facing stalking charges stemming from a neighbor dispute that has raged for at least five months.

Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson said his deputies have been called to the 2700 block of South Thomas Road in Sheridan Township to intervene in the disagreement more than 20 times since May.

He said the dispute has been escalating through the summer and fall. Neighborhood arguments are fairly common in Huron County and often result in injuries or criminal charges like this case, Hanson said.

Police arrested 62-year-old Stella M. Pawloski and her 37-year-old daughter Stardust L. Padilla-Medina on stalking charges. They remained in custody Friday at the Huron County Jail on $10,000 bond apiece.

Hanson didn't disclose what the dispute on Thomas Road is about, but he said similar incidents typically are inflamed by blight, noise or personalities.

Hanson said they are "things that can easily be resolved as long as rational thinking is existing on both sides."

He asked people to remember that the aggressor in a dispute will experience disruption and inconvenience in their own life "well beyond just giving the other side a hard time."