50 years of 96 Tears

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SAGINAW (WJRT) - (11/01/2016) - "It was hard to believe at first," Bobby Balderrama says, thinking back to 50 years ago when the song 96 Tears took the country by storm. "But as you grow older you learn to realize it really did happen, it wasn't a dream."
In March 1966, the 16 year old guitarist and his band Question Mark and The Mysterians recorded the song in a studio on the back of a house in Bay City. And 50 years ago this past weekend, it became the number one song in America. This afternoon The Castle Museum in Saginaw celebrated the anniversary by opening a new exhibit 50 Years of 96 Tears, and hosting Balderrama and Mysterians bass player Frank Lugo for a Lunch And Learn program.
"It's always a lot of fun," Frank says. "When you've been around the neighborhood for 50 years, it's fantastic."
"It's great because we're from here in this area and we just love how the people support us," Bobby added. "And they supported us back then too, or our song wouldn't have made it."
The pair were asked dozens of questions from historian Scott Seeburger and the audience about the band, their careers, both in and outside of music, and of course how 96 Tears turned into the hit it became. And Bobby says getting the chance to reminisce was like going back in time.
"It almost put your memory back there and you could almost feel it, the great things that happened to us, our song going number one all over the world."

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