6-year-old boy hit, killed by school bus in Maine

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RUMFORD, Maine (WMTW/CNN) - (5/3/2019) - A neighborhood is in mourning after a tragic accident claimed the life of a young boy riding on his bike.

A 6-year-old boy on a bike was struck by a bus and killed. (Source: Viewer handout/WMTW/CNN)

Friends said Jayce Holt was just being a typical 6-year-old kid. He was on his bike, his mother and older sister walking behind about 3 p.m. Wednesday when Jayce spotted his cousin in the window of the school bus.

Police said he tried to catch up to the bus at the corner of Waldo and Essex streets.

"By the time he noticed that the bus had turned, tried braking, fell off his bicycle, and the bus unfortunately ran over him with their rear wheels," said Rumford Police Chief Stacy Carter.

Meghan Beale lives across the street and heard the screams from Jayce's mom. She said it was an awful sight, but she tried to help.

"His mother asked me -- like when I got to him, she asked me, she goes, 'Do you know CPR?' I had to look at her and go, 'No, honey. I do know CPR, but there's nothing I could do to help revive your son. He's already gone,'" Beale said.

The driver of the bus was identified as 51-year-old Steve Arsenault of Dixfield.

The superintendent said he's worked for the district for 10 years, and he is devastated and distraught. She is making sure he gets professional counseling that's being offered at school for students, staff and anyone else who needs it.

At the corner where Jayce died, friends and neighbors added pictures, flowers, candles and stuffed animals to a growing memorial where they held a candlelight vigil.

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