Accused peeper faces trial for bathroom recordings of best friend, 6 others

(6/19/19) - 21-year-old Eric Andrews, Jr. got emotional as his former coworkers and former best friend, along with her boyfriend, took the stand Wednesday.

They each told the Judge they never gave Andrews permission to record them.

"He stated he created about 12 to 15 such videos," Detective Evan Zapolski said. "He had used an old Samsung cell phone and also a Iphone to record those videos. And then, later would back them up onto a laptop. He said he also used a program that would convert videos to pictures."

Detective Zapolski works in the Michigan State Police Computer Crimes Unit.

He said Andrews recorded five of his coworkers inside the Tim Horton's employee bathroom on Silver Lake Road in Fenton. Three of them were under 18 at the time.

"They depicted people in various states of undress and also using the restroom," he told the Judge.

Det. Zapolski explained the recordings were captured between 2017 and 2018.

"There were several different camera angles. One appeared to be in a vent in the ceiling; and then also, we later learned most likely a backpack or something in a coat across from the toilet," he said.

Det. Zapolski also found footage of two people in the bathroom at Andrews' grandparent's home in Grand Blanc Township -- his best friend and her boyfriend.

The Judge said Andrews will face a jury trial on all 26 felony charges.

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