57-year-old Ortonville man charged with hit-and-run motorcycle accident

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BURTON (WJRT) Burton Police detectives have arrested a 57-year-old Ortonville man Wednesday night in connection to a hit-and-run accident in Burton.

The hit and run accident severely injured a couple from Burton.

"It's non-stop pain, and it doesn't go away,” RJ Ryan said.

It's a reminder of the accident that injured RJ and his wife Courtney.

"I have Phantom pains, and I feel my foot all time and my toes."

It was late June when the two were on their black chopper at a stop sign on Bristol Road.

That’s when a white Jeep hit them from behind, but instead of stopping to check on the two the driver of the Jeep took off.

"I can't believe what he did. I don't care how drunk you are you obviously. There's a nice home in hell for you because you left us to die,” he said.

RJ lost a portion of his right leg, and his wife Courtney suffered a broken leg.

The two recently learned Burton detectives arrested a Mid-Michigan man in connection to their accident.

Lapeer County authorities learned of a similar white jeep involved in a crash that same night.

"The crime lab was able to go through and decipher what a result from that crash versus what was a result from our crash was,” Burton Detective Eric Freeman said.

This crash in Lapeer led authorities to arrest the Ortonville man.

"And he will get his. Justice will be served,” RJ said.

The two are not letting this crash hold them back.

RJ still wants to keep his passion for motorcycles in his life.

"Maybe I just have my friends bring their bikes over and throw bars on them. You know I'll make them go faster,” RJ said.

The Ortonville man is facing two felony charges for failing to stop.

He'll go before a judge later this week to be formally charged and that's when we will learn more about the man.

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