6 fatal overdoses in 2 months in Mt. Morris City

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MT. MORRIS (WJRT) - (10/12/17) - Mt. Morris City Police Chief Keith Becker says there's clearly a drug problem in the community; and, he knows it's county-wide.

Chief Becker says when his department gets a call they now just assume it's an overdose.

"Me and my first shift guy - well, here we go again, you know, and a lot of times it is," he explained.

In the last four months, officers have responded to 22 overdoses. A lot of times, Chief Becker says, the Genesee County Paramedics can bring the victim back. But, in the past two months, six people didn't make it.

"It's heroin and prescription," he said. "We had two of the deaths were xanax and adderall and they were snorting it, grinding it up and snorting it."

Three of the deaths happened in the same unit at one apartment building.

"We had a female in her 50s overdosed; and 10 days later, we had 2 brothers that OD'd in the same unit. They knew each other," the Chief said.

And Chief Becker added two of the people who died were nurses, one in her 50s, one in her 30s.

"And it's probably just gonna get worse - hate to say that - unless something is done!" the Chief said.

As prescription pills become the gateway to heroin, Chief Becker is hoping the change will start at the doctor's office.

Chief Becker says he's looking into purchasing Narcan for his officers to carry with them to each call.

He's also hoping to become a part of the Hope Not Handcuffs program, which encourages addicts to turn themselves into the Department to get help.

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