$6M was initial request in Wood vs. Dow Chemical legal battle

Published: Oct. 1, 2015 at 4:48 PM EDT
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(10/01/15) - Newly-released documents are shedding more light on the federal investigation into the spending habits of Dow Chemical's CEO.

Kimberly Wood claimed she was fired after raising questions about Andrew Liveris during an audit.

Wood filed a lawsuit that was eventually settled.

What's not settled is what the Securities and Exchange Commission will do when it finishes its investigation into Dow's spending.

Wood said she was fired in 2013 for exposing the questionable spending of Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris. Her lawsuit was settled in February of this year.

Documents released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration include a memorandum written by a Dow attorney. It states Wood and her attorney Victor Mastromarco originally asked for $6 six million.

Neither Dow Chemical nor Mastromarco will disclose the final settlement.

In the thousands of documents released are Wood's reports on money spent by and for Liveris, including a 2010 Super Bowl trip. The final bill came to $218,000 for 14 people - $114,000 of that for 14 tickets between the 40 yard lines.

Liveris eventually was forced to pay back more than $700,000 to the company for that Super Bowl trip and other expenses.

Wood's report also details Dow Chemical funds spent on the H Hotel in Midland - expenditures Wood chalks up to Liveris's wife.

Wood also questioned the unauthorized spending of millions of dollars to the public relations firm Teneo - money she thinks was being funneled to a charity that Liveris co-founded.

The Hellenic Initiative was established to help Greece with its economic troubles. In a report to one of her superiors, she claimed Dow Chemical actually raised its payments to Teneo, writing "The $11,000,000 increase from 2011 to 2012, in a time when Dow was cutting costs, was not in line with the company's message. The increase in spending seems to have benefited Liveris and The Hellenic Initiative."

Dow Chemical released a statement, in part saying specific to THI, "Dow's support of THI is entirely consistent with our support of other charities around the world where Dow employees and our customers live and work. Our business relationship with Teneo is completely in line with our company's objectives, and reflects the type of consulting services that many global companies would secure from strategic consulting firms."

To see all the documents released by OSHA regarding Dow Chemical and the Kimberly Wood case, including Dow Chemical’s response to her allegations, which is File 2, click the link in the 'Related Links' section of this story.

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