70% of Americans sick of spring and fall time changes, survey shows

A survey shows 70% of Americans want to do away with Daylight Saving Time and bi-annual time changes.
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WASHINGTON (WJRT) (2/17/2020) - The Spring Forward time change is only about three weeks away on March 8.

That is the night when everyone sets their clocks ahead one hour to begin Daylight Saving Time. But lawmakers in some states are aiming to keep clocks the same.

Adjusting to a new sleep schedule can be a challenge. Reports say that Daylight Saving Time is to blame for an increase in car accidents and heart attacks.

According to a survey done by the Associated Press, 70% of Americans want to put an end to switching the clocks. So far, a handful of states have passed bills to make the change.

Arizona, Hawaii and Puerto Rico already skip time changes on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.

State Rep. Michele Hoitenga of Manton introduced legislation in the Michigan House last March to keep the state on Eastern Standard Time and skip Daylight Saving Time. The bill is pending in a committee.

Congress has to approve legislation allowing states to skip the bi-annual time changes and Daylight Saving Time.