8 teams from Saginaw Valley State University forfeit nearly 400 victories

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (4/12/2019) - Eight teams from Saginaw Valley State University were forced to forfeit nearly 400 wins after NCAA rules violations were discovered.

The violations were not the fault of athletes, but related to athletics administrators not properly certifying that 130 athletes are amateurs according to NCAA regulations.

"We did have a span of time where we were not properly certifying the eligibility of our student athletes," said Saginaw Valley State spokesman J.J. Boehm.

That span of time ranges between 2013 to 2018 and now 395 victories in sports ranging from football, to men's and women's basketball, will have to be forfeited.

"We had amateur student athletes competing for SVSU, but they were not properly certified and that technically makes them ineligible, and as a result we have to vacate those victories," Boehm said.

They include 114 softball wins, 78 baseball wins, 69 men's basketball wins, 23 women's basketball wins and 20 football wins. Volleyball, women's tennis and men's soccer were also affected.

"Any NCAA championship hardware that we accumulated for one of those affected programs, we do have to return that," Boehm said.

SVSU is in talks with the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference to see if any titles have to be vacated. The school has been fined $5,000, but doesn't lose any athletic scholarships.

The NCAA acknowledges that Division 2 schools like SVSU may have staffing issues, which lead to compliance shortcomings, but Boehm said rules are rules.

"If you want to be an NCAA member institution you have to fulfill your obligations as an NCAA member," he said. "We didn't do that as well as we should have. We have now corrected that."

SVSU now has two people doing athletic compliance checks, but one person has left and the school is looking for someone to fill that position.