A 4 day school week? It's happening at this Saginaw County charter school

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (07/31/19) -- The Learn to Earn Charter Academy in Saginaw will be starting a four day school week this coming school year.

"We are very excited. I think we've had so much buy in from the staff on the idea," said Superintendent Heidi Ferguson.

The idea of a 4-day school week started about a year and a half ago when the school started taking a closer look at how they can meet the needs of students.

"We were noticing a trend with more suspensions and students that were struggling academically, and it's really hard to provide the social and behavioral support during the school day or the academic supports during the school day," she said.

Starting this school year, students will attend class Monday through Thursday, but not all students are off the hook for Friday.

"They would come for a half day depending on if they had attendance issues, we would have them come in for some tutoring based on the courses that they missed during the week."

Students can also come in for general help with academics on Friday. But teachers will also benefit that day as well.

"Twice a month we're going to spend the afternoons on Fridays doing professional development, so we're going to do more PD based on our student population. The other two Fridays a month, we're going to be doing academic and behavior team meetings."

That's where staff members will spend time analyzing student's academic performance and coming up with solutions tailored to each student.

"There's so many areas of need and so many areas that the students can grow, that we really can't do it during the week."