Mid-Michigan woman waits for family trapped in Puerto Rico

SAGINAW (WJRT) (9/28/2017) - Eight days after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, Sarah Dunn finally received word that her family had survived the storm.

But her relief was only temporary.

Dunn feels helpless, thousands of miles away in Saginaw, as her parents, sister, niece, 9-month-old great niece and other family members remain trapped on the island they call home.

"We're very limited on what we can do. The flights are pretty much nonexistent and if we can get them, prices are crazy. And, even when you can book it, it's not going to happen tomorrow," said Dunn

Thursday morning, she received a Facebook message from her niece indicating the situation in Puerto Rico has become even more dire, especially for the youngest member of her family.

"We need help, we have no money, the baby's running out of formula," said Dunn

She doesn't understand why help hasn't arrived there more than a week after the storm.

"It's a nightmare. This isn't supposed to happen, again. These are U.S. citizens. Why are we not helping them?" said Dunn.

Dunn was finally able to book a flight for her parents, who she says have about two gallons of drinking water left. But the rest of her family will have stay in Puerto Rico, for now.

Dunn was able to book a flight for sister and nieces, but she says it will be 12 days before they'll fly out of Puerto Rico.

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