Two Flint City Council members call for removal of Eric Mays

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FLINT (WJRT) - (11/8/2018) - Two council members are accusing a colleague of trying to silence them.

Council members Kate Fields from the 4th Ward and Eva Worthing from the 9th Ward are asking for 1st Ward Council Member Eric Mays to be removed. They're accusing him of abusing his power over them.

"You have a choice to accept the abuse or stand up for yourself,” Fields said during a hastily called press conference in the council chambers on Thursday.

They say the treatment from their colleague Mays is reaching a breaking point.

"We are asking you city residents and our constituents to stand up with us and demand this behavior be stopped,” Worthing said.

After the two finished addressing the media and asked for Mays be removed as chair of the finance committee, Mays took to the podium.

"When they go low I go low with them and sometimes lower,” Mays said.

The press conference comes after Mays presided over an investigative hearing to see how state money earmarked for the Flint water crisis is going in and out of the city.

Fields and Worthing say moments during that meeting have pushed them to believe he's incompetent for the position of chairman.

"But he also engages in harassment via intimidation and threats, racial slurs and shouts and cowers over us in a threatening manner,” Worthing said.

Mays responded by saying he's had issues with Fields and Worthing.

"I could have said you are a racist white lady, but I didn't do that. So, I went high. I have used every type of tack with these two. These two are a handful, and we will handle it,” Mays said.

Mays said Thursday's press conference was a political move by the two members.

The council is scheduled for Monday to vote on a new president and vice president. Herbert serves as the council president and Monica Galloway is vice president.

If Mays continues to chair on the finance committee, Worthing and Fields say they may seek a no-confidence vote.

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