A new exhibit through the eyes of Larry Nassar survivors

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LANSING (WJRT) (4/16/2019) - A new exhibit gives a gut-wrenching look inside the journey of the hundreds of survivors of Larry Nassar's abuse.

The Michigan State University Museum unveiled the exhibit Tuesday in East Lansing.

The governor and Nassar survivors cut a teal ribbon to honor survivors of sexual assault and to unveil the new exhibit.

"It's you know the sadness of what we went through the grief and the hard times, and then you think about of what we went through to get through this point,” Kaylee Lorenz, who is a survivor of Nassar said.

The exhibit started after people placed teal ribbons all around MSU's campus last spring.

Those same ribbons are now on display inside the "Finding Our Voice: Sister Survivors Speak," exhibit.

"Walking through it just this flood of emotions,” Lorenz said.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer says she feels a connection with survivors like Kaylee.

"When you go through it you'll see why I am struggling to keep my composure," Whitmer said.

Starting visitors will find a display of the sister survivors. People will see pictures and teal plaques of number survivors when Larry Nassar first abused them, but to show the impact of this crime this predator had on all these survivors they dedicated a whole wall."

"This exhibit portrayed exactly what we went through. You know MSU does have a long way to go, and there needs to be a culture change," Lorenz said.

The museum is not giving Nassar a voice. He's mentioned by name only once and is referred to as "the perpetrator".

This exhibit is more than the pain these women went through. It also shows how they've taken back their voice and are moving forward.

"It's very moving, and it's powerful, and I really do think that it is going to start the conversation that is so needed,” Lorenz said.

This exhibit is free for visitors, but the museum is encouraging donations you can stop by and see this exhibit until March of next year.