Flint man who had brain surgery says tilted sidewalk could kill him

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/16/17) - A Flint sidewalk that is dangerously buckled is a big worry to a man who recently had brain surgery.

The homeowner said he was promised six months ago that repairs would be made.

Danny O'Brien moved into his house on Nebraska Avenue in Flint last fall. There was a large maple tree next to the driveway and sidewalk.
The roots caused the sidewalk to tilt to a dangerous degree.

"Walking in and out of here is more or less a danger," O'Brien said.

All that's left of the maple tree is a huge stump. It partially blocks the driveway and has caused the sidewalk to buckle. Through the years asphalt has been added to reduce the trip hazard, but it's still a problem.

"I tripped over that. They sent me to McLaren ER," said O'Brien.

That's because surgeons had performed brain surgery.

"It's a very rare cancerous tumor that attaches to your skull," said O'Brien.

When the tree was cut down by a tree service, a portion of the sidewalk was damaged.

"That was the tree service. He busted the hole so he had to put a cone there. It was the only one he had," said O'Brien.

That repair was never made. O'Brien said other people in the neighborhood have had problems with the buckling sidewalk.

"I watched one kid go right over his handlebars," said O'Brien.

Kristin Moore, Mayor Karen Weaver's spokeswoman, said the Department of Public Works will send someone to O'Brien's residence on Friday to get the stump removed. The sidewalk will be repaired within the next two weeks, weather permitting.

A new city policy says stumps will be ground at the time of the tree removal and a list has been generated of addresses that need sidewalk repair.

Moore said if residents know of a sidewalk trip hazard, they should call the city's street maintenance office at 810-766-7343

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