A new building to be constructed in downtown Frankenmuth

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Frankenmuth (WJRT) (1/8/18) - The look of downtown Frankenmuth will be changing this summer. A new building will be the home of the Cheese Haus, which will move out of its current location. And it's going to be built very quickly. It supposed to be open by August.

The Schnitzelbank building, which until recently housed Healthy Habitz will be demolished next week. Preliminary work has already begun. During the spring and summer a Bavarian-style building with an onion-dome tower will be built. The Cheese Haus will move there.

"The new buildings will be classic German. It's beautifully done," said Sheila Stamiris of the Frankenmuth DDA.

"We don't have enough room to develop new products. We hardly have enough room on busy days to house the people that are here," said Judy Zehnder, Bavarian Inn Lodge president.

The Cheese Haul wants to bring in new machinery that requires a tall ceiling. It wouldn't be possible to do that at the current location. In the tower will be a figurenspiel, something like a cuckoo clock. Figures of little boys and girls will pop out.

"The five doors will be telling the story of some cheeses from five countries," Zehnder.

A mural on the front of the building will depict the life of cows in Germany. The space will between the current Cheese Haus and the new building will be developed as a German-style platz.

"What we're going to be able to do is create a gathering spot," said Zehnder.

While work on the new Cheese Haus will take place during busy tourism time, the DDA thinks it will be worth it.

"When they're successful our district is successful," said Stamiris.

Zehnder says the current Cheese Haus will become a retail store of some sort but she hasn't decided exactly what it will be.

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