Flint woman on a mission to spruce up porches, yards to beautify east side

Published: Aug. 29, 2018 at 10:49 PM EDT
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(8/29/2018) - A woman in Flint who wanted to make her house more welcoming was the catalyst for a $7,000 project that ended up beautifying more than 30 porches in a Flint neighborhood.

Neighbors on the east side were able to update their porches and add flowers to their front lawns. They say the project has brought them closer as a community.

The house where Samantha Garcia lives with her mother-in-law was one of the residences to get spruced up.

"Oh, I feel amazing. I love it, and I come out every night and water the flowers, and I admire it,” Garcia said.

Megan Heyza is Garcia's neighbor, but they didn't know each other before this project. Heyza started to fix up her front porch a few weeks ago because she was tired of hearing about the east side's lousy perception.

"When I first moved to the east side it was more of like I lived by, and there was no community or neighbors it was just me,” Heyza said.

She secured $7,000 worth of grant money to fix up more than 30 porches in her neighborhood. The University of Michigan chipped in donated flowers.

Garcia so inspired by the work done to the two homes wants to get in there and make a difference too.

"And return the favor to what we've gotten just to show how much we appreciate it,” Garcia said.

There work isn't going to stop soon. Heyza plans on continuing this effort in this community by hopefully adding 50 new homes into their project.