A weird Florida mystery: Meat falling from the sky

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - (07/20/17) - Meat falling from the sky is weird, even by Florida standards.

But that's what happened at 4 a.m. Saturday when a 15-pound (6.8-kilogram) bag of frozen pork landed on the Deerfield Beach home of Travis Adair.

Adair said Thursday that the package hit the roof with a "big bang." He thought it was thunder, but his wife later went outside and found two bundles next to the house and three on the roof.

An address on the package shows it originally belonged to Jim Williams, who lives 170 miles (270 kilometers) away in Myakka City.

Williams said Thursday he bought some pigs at a fair earlier in the year. He gave some of the meat away, but has no idea how any of it ended up on the Adairs' roof.

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