ABC12 News at Noon: Worth It Wednesday 10.23.19

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(WJRT) - (10.23.19) - Kelsey is putting the focus on cleaning products for this week's edition of "Worth It Wednesday." And as the mother of six, she knows a thing or two about how to best tackle the job.

Adapt™ Ion XRT 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum: This is a cordless vacuum by BISSELL® and something I use multiple times a day! Crackers are big in my house and I was so tired of sweeping 17 times a day, so I was thrilled to find a vacuum that could sit in my kitchen throughout the day and be ready to use whenever I needed it. I use it to vacuum under the table in the kitchen and in high traffic areas several times a day. At night, I plug it in to charge when I’m done so it's ready for the next day. Mine has lasted for over 3 years now! This is so much better than sweeping multiple times a day and it’s easy for my kids to use too. You can find it on Bissell's website. There is a 10% discount code on their website when you visit. It's also available on Amazon with Prime shipping!

PowerFresh® Deluxe Steam Mop: This steam mop by BISSELL® makes steam cleaning your floors easy. Unlike other steam cleaners, this one is engineered with a detachable SpotBoost™ Brush for tough, stuck-on messes. And since it uses just water to clean your floors, it naturally sanitizes floors, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria without any harsh chemicals. It's ready to use in 30 seconds and compact making it easy to use daily! I have loved not having to get a bucket and mop out or get down on my hands and knees every time a kid spills something. It’s right there when I need it, ready to go and simple to use. It’s available on and their website has a code for 10% off when you visit the page. It's also available on Amazon with Prime shipping.

Zero Odor Spray: This is the best odor killing solution I’ve used. It’s not a fragrance made to mask odors, there’s actually a science behind it and it's made to kill the odor. Zero Odor’s® smart technology actively seeks out bad odors, and once sprayed, it bonds with the odor molecules to eliminate the odor at the source, permanently! Zero Odor is safe to use around kids and pets too. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, VOC-free, and without artificial fragrances. Life is better with Zero Odor! You can find it at as well as Amazon with Prime shipping.

Additional codes and links to all the products on Amazon can be found on Kelsey's Blog. Feel free to reach out to her with any questions! You can also follow Kelsey on Instagram and Facebook.

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