Nessel visits Mid-Michigan to speak on elder abuse

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MT. MORRIS (WJRT) (09/16/2019) - Attorney General Dana Nessel met up with a local lawmaker this morning to discuss some solutions to combat elder abuse.

State Rep. John Cherry invited Nessel for a public town hall meeting at the Krapohl Center in Mt. Morris. Cherry said he has a few bills in the works that he believes will help get closer to their goal.

"They deal with strengthening penalties and then also expanding the definition of what is a vulnerable adult,” said Cherry. “Because we have some laws on the books that prevent defrauding vulnerable adults and what the bills would do is expand the definition of who is a vulnerable adult from elders folks who are 65 years old or older."

Lisa Mazur of Warren is a victim of elder abuse. She wants to start seeing more action taken to protect others from what she has had to endure.

"I have maybe seen a few things that look like we're heading in the right direction,” said Mazur. “But to look like we're heading in the right direction and to be actually heading in the right direction are two different things. I would give up every penny I had today for my freedom because this is not a life."

As an advocate against elder abuse, Marty Prehn believes more people need to join in the fight.

"We have to get all of our resources together and be one unit to fight this thing because an individual person can't fight this thing by themselves," said Prehn.

Recently, Attorney General Dana Nessel introduced a uniform investigation form. It can be filled out by police to provide more information for prosecutors when they try a case.

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